Fashions With Flair 2012: Nourish to Flourish Program Video

Watch this incredible video to learn about the plight of the homeless and chronically hungry children in our very own Pinellas County.

This year, the CCV partnered with the 6th Judicial Circuit Public Defender, Bob Dillinger, to help feed the chronically hungry children of Pinellas County –- children who are on the free or reduced lunch program in their schools but go to bed hungry and do not have enough food on weekends. Recent statistics estimate that there are some 4,000 chronically hungry children in Pinellas County.

Both the CCV and Bob Dillinger have a common goal in mind; Dillinger’s “Nourish to Flourish” program provides food to these unfortunate children by sending a tray of food home with them every weekend. Each tray costs approximately $3.10 and for only about $156 a year, one child will be fed every weekend during the school year.

“This year we are proudly celebrating 10 years of giving back to our community,” commented Pam Ryan Anderson, Chairperson of the CCV. “The hunger problem is happening right in our backyard, and we are determined to make a difference.”

A letter of grateful acknowledgment was received from Bob Dillinger:

Bob Dillinger Letter of Appreciation