Success Stories

What do our volunteers get out of helping with CCV projects? Find out below!

I have been involved with CCV for many years. What I love most (there are a lot of things to love about this group) is the fact that no matter how much or how little I contribute I always feel like I have done something to help improve conditions in my community and every action is so greatly appreciated by the executives of the group.

Trish O’Hara

I have been a volunteer with CCV since 1997. The rewards and joy I have
experienced from helping people, especially creating a joyful environment
for children, have been quite elating.

It is an extra special activity that allows me to help others improve their lives,
change their interpersonal relationships for the better and gain better affinity
for their environment.

Joel Anderson

I joined CCV 11 years ago, at a time when things weren’t going as well for me as I wanted. I felt then that I needed more connections with people who had a common purpose and wanted to help others. And I was so right. Helping the less fortunate families and children in our area gives me a great feeling and a sense of purpose. But it also helps me. I have so many wonderful friends and acquaintances as a result of my many years with CCV…my life would not be as rich if I’d not taken this path.

All my love,
Debra Bellmaine

I joined CCV because I wanted to be more productive in my free time, and I enjoy contributing in more than one area of the community (I am also a volunteer with Big Brother Big Sister). There are a lot of people and organizations that could use our help.

Alexandra Schmidbauer